(Orange)      Michelle Metevier released her second single Angel Butterfly on June 4, 2016. Re-mastered by Aftermaster owned by Justin Timberlake in Los Angeles, Ca and Produced by Alby Metevier.  This song is about being free and able to do what you want in life. Freedom is something we take for granted, some don’t have that. There are different kinds of freedom such negative liberty, positive liberty, individuality, freedom to do something for the world, and equanimity – freedom from the dread, doubt, disquiet, and sorrow that are consequences of being vulnerable and mortal creatures who care about other fragile living things. Michelle Metevier believe in the saying “Life is what we make it.” She admires people who are helping others that are in need. Her song speaks to you and touch you through the core of your soul.  Very strong introduction to the song, it’s interesting and original. As soon as the voice comes in it reinforces the original sound of the overall track because the vocals are strong and interesting. Lyrically, I like how creative and unique they are. Instrumentally, I’m a fan of the background beat as it’s what people will dance to.  The track has been mixed well and could go far.


“Freedom to do what you want in life. Be free and help others who are in need and needed guidance. Have faith and believe in destiny. Life is what you make it… Each one of us have a God given potential to do great. Reach out!!!” stated by Metevier on her video.

You can check out her music at Michelle Metevier Official http://www.michellemetevier.com/


MGM Management – Alby Metevier- Producer