The Image Weekly is  featuring Michelle Metevier, an American Singer, who has a unique voice and style… As most people call her to be very Passionate when she sings. She has been singing early on in Life; and first performed with her uncle’s band at the age of 3. She was involved in activities such as theaters and choirs while in school. She is not just an entertainer, but also a model. Music has always been her passion for as long as she remembers. She was born to entertain whether in a crowd or around family, relatives, and friends… She performs to special and public events and programs internationally and locally. Her goal is to be able to perform in wide range of audience, but most importantly to be able to perform in various schools to promote “Love and Peace”. She has a big heart and believes that children come first because they are the future. They deserve to be loved, cared for and nurtured. She loves people of all ages especially admire those who try to make this world a better place.   We  will be giving you updates of her progress   since she captured us with her sweet and heart warming voice.   We hope that you will check out her music  at and spread the word about this new talent.