You can give your support to her music by purchasing  your copy now at  A Treasured Memory by Michelle Metevier.    A Treasured Memory is a love song for all ages,  sharing treasured moments with the people you care about.    Michelle Metevier is currently working on her Album “Reflections of Love”, so give her some love and support. She started singing early on in life, but her music was inspired on by her young daughter, Charlize who continues to show unconditional love and having faith, strength, and believe that anything is possible.   Get your copy now and stay tuned for more of her work. 

The music is great its made the mood relaxing, giving you goosebumps. The vocals are great taking high notes and hitting the low notes , excellently making a good song .  The instrumental is very uplifting, but the music and lyrics combination is easily to recognize.  Follow her at Facebook and Michelle Metevier Official Website 0r .